A local program is defined as a "program produced about something or someone in Greenville/Pitt County, or produced by a resident of Greenville/Pitt County, or was created in Greenville/Pitt County."  Contact Station Manager, Akela Thigpen for expections- akela.thigpen@gpattv23.org    252.295.9458

Basic statement of operation

Greenville-Pitt Public Access, Inc. (GPAT-23) is available to cable TV subscribers of Suddenlink Communications in Pitt County, N.C.  GPAT-23 cablecasts programs submitted by local residents at no charge, on a non-discriminatory basis in accordance with rules and regulations specified by our Board of Directors.
          All programs cablecast on GPAT23 must be submitted by a Local Producer. 
          Programs are scheduled on a first-come first-served, non-discriminatory basis. Local programs are scheduled for playback more frequently than programs with no local connection. 

How to submit a program for cablecast

1. Become a local producer                   

A GPAT-23 Local Producer is the person who officially requests that a program be cablecast on GPAT 23. The Local Producer is responsible for everything related to the program.

To become a GPAT 23 Local Producer you must fill out a "Local Producer Information" form and return it to GPAT.  You can pick up a form at our office or you can download it from our website

2.  Fill out a Program Information form for each program

Each program submitted to GPAT for cablecast should be accompanied with a Program Information Form. You can pick up a form at our office or you can download it from our website.

Do not use scotch-tape or other adhesives to attach the program information form to the DVD.

3.  Meet technical and content requirements

Programs should be finished and ready for cablecast and meeting our technical requirements  (720 x 480 in Mpeg2 format) and programs must not violate our rules about content of programs cablecast on GPAT 23. 


The following information must be written on the actual DVD disc.  Information may be written or printed on a label that adheres to the actual DVD disc.
                    1. Producer ID (assigned by the GM)
                    2. Program Name         
                    3. Duration of program

                    4. Label your media
                    5. Other information that the producer wants to include, such as title, or subject.


Deliver your program to GPAT at 1528 South Evans Street.  There is a physical dropbox located

inside the building Suite A.


There are only 3 ways to submit a program to GPAT:

1.  A DVD video

2.  As a MPEG2 digital file (dropbox to: admin@gpattv23.org)

3. On a flash drive

Program Content

All programs are accepted, regardless of content. Programs with content that may conflict with local standards will be scheduled to playback between 10 pm and 4 am.  Content decisions will be determined by the station manager.      

It is the Local Producer’s responsibility that: 
          A. Programs are free of advertising or other material that promotes a commercial product, service or lottery 
          B. Programs are free of unlawful use of copyrighted material 
          C. Programs are free of material that violates local standards relating to obscenity 
          D. Programs are free of material that is libelous, slanderous or defamatory in character 
          E. Programs are free of material that is an unlawful invasion of privacy


                   Programs can be any length up to 2-hours

Public Service Messages (Text and Graphics)


Non-profit community groups, government departments and educational institutions in Pitt County may submit event announcements. All messages must be non-commercial in nature. We do not accept classified or personal ads. 

Message content should be submitted to GPAT at 1528 South Evans St. Suite A * Greenville OR via email OR dropboxed (admin@gpattv23.org) at least 10 days before it must appear on the channel.


1. name

2. organization

3. contact information

4. short description of your event or message

5. when you would like to have the message start, and what date it should end

Please keep your message brief.

We can also accept digitally prepared messages.  Prepared messages should be JPG files with a size of 720x456 pixels.

Public services messages are cablecast in 4-7 minutes segments and scheduled throughout the day.



All programs must be able to play back in GPAT's DVD players and be free of abnormalities that make the picture jump, skew, digitize, disappear, or in some other way not play properly. 

Audio levels must be consistent and be free of abnormalities that make the audio beep, screech or consist of other sounds that interfere with the intended soundtrack.

Audio can be in stereo or mono, although it will be cablecast only in mono.

Producers should describe, in writing, on program information form, if  program contains unusual peculiarities that are intentional, such as no sound, black and white footage, etc.


Each video program should be submitted on a separate DVD. 

A DVD video should NOT automatically start playing after being inserted into a DVD machine!   It should have a MENU, with a single play command that will start the playback.

The following information must be written on the actual DVD disc.  Information may be written or printed on a label that adheres to the actual DVD disc. 

          1. Producer ID         
          2. Program Name         
. Duration of program- length of time from play to start of program
          4. Other information that the producer wants to include, such as title, or subject

Media not properly labeled will not be scheduled.


MPEG-2 Program Stream         

Video Resolution: 720 x 480         

Picture Rate: 29.97 pictures per second         

Bit Rate: Maximum of 10 Mb/s is allowed         

NTSC with 4:3 aspect ratio

USB thumb drive

Multiple programs can be placed on a single thumb drive (USB drive), but make sure to name them properly and note the names on the forms to avoid incorrect airings.